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Montelago, Ooty.   A gated community for vacation homes


In the last decade, especially during the last few years, a new niche segment has been taking root in the Indian real estate market termed the second home or vacation home segment. This concept, as a residential resort, has for eons been determined by its location and yet hard to find! Dwell Well Homes has identified that exuberant location in the hills of Nilgiris at an altitude of 2240 metres where the western and eastern ghats meet. In this beautiful and scenic place amidst the Blue Mountains of Ootacamund, Dwell Well Homes have launched their first project of ownership luxury villas called vacation homes. These Villas are situated atMontelago surrounded by woods and meadows and overlooking the Emerald Lake. What better way to relax and spend your summer vacation with family and friends in your own vacation home when you most need it.

Located amidst the pristine Blue Mountains insulates the vacation home from the stress and pollution of urban life.
Situated 9 kms from Ooty town and 14 kms from the Railway Station and Bus Stand. And 4 kms from the world renowned Good Shepherd International residential school.


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The innovative concept of gated community vacation homes has been further stimulated for growth with several banks and financial institutions coming forward to encourage such projects by providing attractive loans to finance the cost of the property with a comprehensive legal document package. This new development brings us closer to ownership of such property and enlightens the dreams and aspirations of all strata of society to own and enjoy well earned vacations in your very own second home when ever you decide to enjoy that exclusive holiday. Today, revenue sharing of an owned vacation home is a fast growing sector of the luxury real estate market. The investment can yield immediate returns as easy regular income alternative to buying outright a luxury vacation home that you may use only for a limited period each year. You earn rental income on a time share basis. Apart from owning a luxurious property which serves as a holiday retreat in India, for the NRI, these homes also make for a unique investment opportunity. How? The value appreciation of the property, whether you use it for your personal use or not, gives you a real return on investment. How does this work? It allows you to share its running costs in proportion to the time you use it.

Hence, shared ownership at Montelago is based on owning villas, fully furnished, equipped and ready to occupy. We believe that by restricting the number of villas, we give each purchaser more of a tangible share of the asset and the realisation of a true investment. So, why are these schemes popular? Because it is a 'win-win situation for owners and regular vacationers'. Keeping in mind the concept of vacation home, you get to live in larger spaces while holidaying, as compared to what's offered in hotels where space is restricted. Finding and buying your ideal holiday home is only one part of your investment. The cost of maintaining a property has to be considered and the potential for rental income fully promoted and advertised. It is these considerations of income and expenditure that makes Montelagovacation homes such a superb investment. Managing and controlling such properties is easier and more cost effective when owners are grouped together at one common location calledMontelago. It is this principle of shared cost that enables us to build the villas at such affordable prices. Furthermore, at Montelago we have no high overheads or hidden costs or profit levels that would escalate your investment. All deals are transparent and affordable.



Surroundings of Montelago


Montelago is surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes.


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All villas have west facing verandah overlooking The Emerald lake and the blue mountains to enjoy the sunset that sets the tone for peace and serenity.


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